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Research Imaging Hosting

Squirrel Research provides imaging storage for the human and animal subjects research community. Originating in the neuroimaging field, SquirrelResearch has expanded to support all research informatics.

Research imaging and informatics hosting is now offered by Squirrel Research.

Imaging & Informatics Storage

Quickly set up an imaging archive system. Make the system available for single or multiple sites. Clinical trials


Launch preconfigured compute instances and only pay for the computing you need. Automatically process imaging data through analysis pipelines, and store the results in the database for later searching. Pipelines are based on the Linux operating system.

Who we are

SquirrelResearch began almost 20 years ago as the Neuroinformatics database software, developed at Hartford Hospital and the Institute of Living. We had lots of diverse datasets that we wanted to be available for our researchers.

We found that any and all research data could be classified into one of 8 categories: subject, session, series, analysis, pipeline, experiment, measures, and drugs. Every piece of information captured: meta-data, clinical trials, assessments, imaging, can be classified into one of those groups. With specialized tools for imaging, we created a database system that is easy to use and incredibly powerful.

The simple framework allows imaging researchers to quickly import, export, and analyze data.

We c

Commercial NiDB Hosting

Do you have a limited staff to maintain a database, or you just want to quickly setup a research imaging database? Hosted instances of NiDB are available.

  • Pay by the month or pay by the year – only pay for what you use
  • Expand as you grow
  • Support, updates, and maintenance are included

Interested in NiDB hosting? See pricing for options.